Business solutions for the digital and mobile era


The digital revolution has radically changed the way products are produced, purchased, distributed and sold.

Commerce 3.0 has erased the boundaries between retail, wholesale and manufacturing. Now anyone can manufacture or procure their own products, act as their own intermediaries via networks or sell directly, through physical or virtual shops, both locally or worldwide…

BtoBtoC is the new creed of the wholesaler, while retail is increasingly focused on the needs of the consumer or supply chain. To accompany this evolution, and in little more than 10 years, archipelia has become much more than an ERP system : it is an authentic archipelago of intelligent applications dedicated to commerce ! And the ERP module at the heart of archipelia  is now one of the most effective tools available for Customer Services (CRM), Logistics (SCM) and business 3.0 (physical and virtual shops, in-store, near-store, out-store…), designed to provide each entrepreneur with the precise combination of management, sales and manufacturing tools that correspond to his or her needs, both present and future !

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An archipelago of 100% Cloud services


ERP management and production modules for SMEs-SMIs


BtoB/BtoC CRM modules for customer relations


SCM modules for the logistics of your products


Omnichannel business tools : mobile POS outlets, Prestashop and Magento connectors


Real-time dashboards (BI)


Areas : retail, wholesale, manufacturing and procurement

Simplify retail ?


Do you need to attract the digital/mobile consumer ?

Are your sales and marketing activities truly omnichannel ?

Are logistics and delivery the true keys to success ?

Do you need performance indicators in real time ?

Choose archipelia, a solution which is omnichannel, 100% Cloud and ideal for retail activities : 

  • BtoC ERP for managing your business
  • CRM campaigns
  • 2.0 tactile, mobile POS
  • EDI, GED and procurement modules
  • Logistical stock and warehouse management
  • Synchronization with your ecosystem

With archipelia, there are no limits to omnichannel !

A good shopping experience now requires fluidity in all channels !


Do you need to optimize purchases and sales ?

Would you like to oversee your sales force and agencies more effectively ?

Are the logistics of supply and delivery crucial to your business?

Are you also interested in the opportunities that business 3.0 can offer ?

Choose an SaaS solution designed specifically for wholesale activities.  

Take the lead with archipelia, a solution which is omnichannel, 100% Cloud and ideal for wholesale :

• BtoB ERP for managing your business

• CRM sales force and outside sales modules

• Cashier and self-service counters

• EDI, GED and procurement modules

• Stock and warehouse management

• Advanced logistics management

• Synchronization with your ecosystem

With archipelia, your wholesale activities are managed to the penny !

The current revolution in how we do business is having a profound impact on wholesaling

Production & Procurement

Do you need to optimize the management of your production facilities or procurement of your products ?

Are the logistics of supply and delivery crucial to the success of your business

Are you interested in the opportunities that business 3.0 can offer ?

Do you dream of an SaaS solution that will optimize production, procurement and logistics ?

With archipelia, your production shifts to zero stock / zero delay mode

• ERP for managing business, production and procurement

• CRM support

• BtoB and BtoC product configurator

• Planning and scheduling

• Production overseeing

• Product life-cycle management

• Stock, warehouse and logistics management

• Synchronization with your ecosystem

With archipelia, your products are more competitive !


Today, manufacturing, procurement and delivery must be done without excess stock and without delaysis



Archipelia nous apporté l’ouverture et l’agilité que nous ne pouvions imaginer avec notre AS400 ! Emmanuel Lesaffre

PDG, Nicodeme

On ne peut pas travailler avec la distribution sans un outil intégrant comme archipelia

Philippe Catelin


« Au-delà des gains de productivité directs, l’intérêt du module de caisse POSia est d’aider les distributeurs à transformer et améliorer leurs relations clients. C’est clairement une réponse « cross canal » Franck Rosenthal

Expert en marketing du Commerce et blogueur, Franck Rosenthal

A few figures

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They put their trust in the ASAP Group


A revolution which is transversal, vertical and inherently collaborative

Want to share our vision ?

Autarcia, publisher of archipelia, was established in 2004 by its two founders within a pioneering context. Today, their vision still remains one step ahead of the rest :

«Even before the advent of Cloud computing and SaaS, we were convinced that an ERP system that could take full advantage of the web would give companies an unprecedented competitive edge.

Real time, open system and universal interconnectivity would become the keywords of our new SaaS, a visionary product that would make complete sense in the ultra-competitive context of the digital revolution…

Our solution was then enriched with a host of features indispensable in the digital business era. And now, thanks to our recent fundraising campaign (1 million euros), we will be even more capable of satisfying the needs of SMEs-SMIs through our own indirect network of integrators, ACAs, and so on.»

Bruno WATINE, president and co-founder – Franck HAEGELI, general manager and co-founder

1 February 2016, VILLENEUVE d’ASCQ 

In the heart of the Lille French Tech

Autarcia was founded in Villeneuve d’Ascq, on the premises of the ASAP Group at 17 avenue de la Créativité (the name itself a favourable omen). Villeneuve d’ASCQ is the technopolis at the heart of the greater Lille area and the Lille French Tech. To visit us, send us a message using the form below or call us at +33 3 59 57 70 70

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